As Nicholas got in the school he met Lilliam Drenth, Gianluca Rossi and Bruno Miglorancia.One month later he found out about somewhere called Astral Plane and told everybody but they didn`t believe him but only Gianluca believed him.One day later he saw a monster called a Hollow eating Lilliam and killing her so after her funneral he and Gianluca found a book writen how to get to Astral Plane so when they where going to Astral Plane Bruno accidentaly fell into the portal because he triped on a rock.When they were there a Hollow attaked them and they were saved by Shikari and Sandi.He get's suprised because he is seeing a human in Astral Plane but they get stuck in Astral Plane for three weeks so they learned how to survive in Astral Plane that also formed their team in Astral Plane.A week later Nicholas found out about his dark side: Salohcin, wich they became enemies and started fighting and Nicholas lost.After that Nicholas was saved by Yahiko, who is a medic, so he joined their team.

Nicholas Levy Capeto
Nicoras Revy Capeto
World Real World
Gender Male
Age 11-16
Team Torune Masashi,

Luxus Drune

Family Patrick Levy Capeto (brother)

Carol Levy (mother) Alex Capeto (father)

Other Worlds Salohcin Yvel Otepac


Past Affiliation Anglo Aguas
Affiliation LMD

Black Claws NSS

Abilities Nenshou Kouen

Kouen Taka

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